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I bought some Volkl P40 F-1 Energy Rails last season and absolutely love these skis. They are extremely fast and hold an edge on ice better than anything I have ever skid. They are great for steep groomers for medium to wide GS type turns.

This is great when that is what I am in the mood for. However, the weight of the skis and the stiffness isn't cut out to be an all mountain ski, so I am looking into getting a new pair of all mountain skis. I am advanced to expert.

I have been reading the reviews about the Volkl Supersport 5*, the Vertigo Motion and the Rossi Bandit XX. I am a bit concerned about the 5* being a bit too close in performance to the P40's I already have. They sound like they have racing bloodlines. Also, the 5*'s seem to be hard to come by. I haven't seen any reviews here for the 4*'s. Has anybody tried these and how do they compare to the 5*'s and the Vertigo Motions. The Vertigo Motions sound like they might be right up my alley, but the great reviews of the 5*'s also have me very interested. The reviews of the BanditXX's sound great, but I am inclined to stay with Volkl since I am in love with the P40's.

I am looking for something lighter and a bit more recreational. Something good in pow and bumps as well as groomers. :

Any advice, suggestions or otherwise would be appreciated.