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Gear Bag For Tots

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I spent about a week looking for a bog that could hold my 5 and 6 yer old childrens' gear (skis, boots, socks, gloves, hats, goggles, helmets, etc) that would be compact enough to toss in the back of an SUV, trunk, corner of closer, under a table,  I settled on a baseball gear bag designed for bats, gloves, balls, etc..  The skis (100 cm/40 inches) stick out of the top just a touch but everything else fits except the helmets which can hang on the skis sticking out of the top.  It also has backpack straps. 


Also it only cost $16.00 so if it helps even one trip I'll be happy.  I think it just might work, but if not... how do you folks manage a pile of kids gear?



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I found for all of us the Sierra bags from Sierra Trading Post.  They were cheap as well, backpack straps.  I've been really happy so far and they're small enough to take as a carry-on.  :)

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Hi there.  I dug out the 'ole full sized pack from my backpacking days.  Holds 2 pr boots, 3 helmets, asst gloves etc, knee brace, 2 pr kids skis (strapped on) and my boots get draped over the top. 


Really makes the short "hike" from the lot a bit easier and frees up one hand (for holding).

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