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Race boot and intuitions?

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Does anyone use intuition liners with raceboots? If so, which ones.


Also looking for feedback if someone tried them and did not like them in a race boot.




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I've used intuitions in race boots for years and I love them.  Depending on the volume of your foot, you may have to cook them a couple of times so they aren't too tight. 


Intuition now has a "plug" model, which is what I have in my Tecnica Race R H13's right now.  They work great.

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I use them, and I can't recommend them highly enough for race boots.  I have them in both my 'off the shelf' race boots as well as my Lange world cup plug boots.  They give me a far better, more precise fit than the stock liners, are extremely comfortable, and my feet never get cold anymore (I can easily ski for a couple of hours in -20 temps and not freeze my feet).  You can't lose with them. 


If you want a lower volume liner, go with the overlap liner they recently introduced for plug boots.  I got one of their earlier prototypes years ago (9mm high density foam vs. 12mm lower density) and still use them in my regular race boots, and I have their latest plug version in my WC boots (same thickness and density as the prototype liners I have, but with the addition of a stiffer upper).  The thicker foam in their regular liners will be warmer, but it's a bit softer fit and will probably be too tight in a close fitting race boot.

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