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Atomic Binding recall

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and or www.atomicsnow.com  bottom right corner of home page.


Hi Guys,


In case some don't already know.  Atomic FINALLY released a recall on a number of bindings.  I took one of my sets in that qualified the other day and hope to have them back ASAP.  My shop DID NOT know about this until i informed them.  This was released on Dec 23 2008.  Good thing i just happened to find it..


1998-2002 models.  listed below. 


The recall affects the heel components of the following Atomic alpine ski bindings: Race 310, Race 412, RaceRace 310, RaceRace 412, Xentrix 310, Xentrix 311, Xentrix 412, C310, C311, C412, CR 310, CR 412, R 310, R 412, SX 310, SX 412, Device 311, Device 412, Centro 310, Centro 412, and Dynamic ADX 312, RD10, X412, Centro 412. The recall includes only those bindings manufactured from 1998 through 2002 The year of manufacture can be located on the underside of the heel lever



Here's the link.  It's right on the Atomic website. 




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So has anyone else taken their Atomic bindings in ?  if so, i'd like to hear about it.  My local shop has had my skis for 4 days now.  And I WANT my SX-11's back.  Especially with the current conditions around me. 


So?  Who else had them replaced?

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Originally Posted by cdnr328i 


.................My local shop has had my skis for 4 days now.  And I WANT my SX-11's back............. 


4 days?.......................obviously their magic wand is low on batteries.



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2 weeks later!  just got confirmation that the replacement heel piece was sent out by Atomic yesterday.  I'm quite disappointed with this entire experience.   Any comments?  I want a shirt out of this!

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