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Sprained ankle

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I sprained my ankle 5 days ago. I fell on some ice and my foot folded inward almost parallel to my leg---didn't even know an ankle could bend that far. There is mild swelling. It's feeling better every day. Feels like a mild to moderate sprain, not severe. I can walk ok.


How do I know when I can return to skiing? My theory is that it would be almost impossible to resprain an ankle in a rigid ski boot. Am I wrong?

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My Doctor always told me if I was in mild discomfort it was okay i wasn't doing further dammage but if i was in pain it was a no no.  He then made sure I understood that mild discomfort is I don't even pop an asparin, if I need any pain relief I'm dammaging something.

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Most ankle sprains are partial or full tears of the ATFL, anterior talofibular ligament.  I've fully torn both of mine playing soccer. 


Even a rigid ski boot is still putting more stress than you would imagine, not to mention swelling and scar tissue.  Honestly, I'd give it at least 2 weeks, if not 3 to 4.

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Based on personal experience, if you can get your boot on without any significant pain, you'll probably be OK. That said, (again from personal experience), this is one of those injuries that, if you don't let it heal and rehab properly, can easily become chronic.

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After the pain goes away and you can walk without limping you should be doing exercises to help rehabilitate your ankle.  About 2-4  weeks minimum is what i would be doing, as stated above it can become a chronic injury.

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The guy I ski with sprained his ankle right after New Years. He and I skied for 6 days two weeks ago in Colorado. He used his old boots because the foam liners in his Fischer's caused him too much pain. At Vail we went to the ski boot fitting service they have a the top of Lift 4 and the guys in there posted up his footbed to relieve some pressure and blew out the boot a bit onver the ankle. This helped alot and he was able to ski, but still had some pain and unbuckled the boot on the lift.


He's heading out with me next week to Utah and still going to use his modified boots.

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I sprained mine...really bad....the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I couldn't even get a ski boot on until the 2nd week of January.  Then, it was painful so that it swelled back up inside the boot.  The first hour or so was painful, but after that, it was fine.  I skied again a week later, and it was better.  It really took me 6 weeks.  Sucks getting old.

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Had same problem 2 weeks ago. When leaving hotel in Garmisch with about 40kg of stuff on my shoulders, I missed stair. I was actually working normally for all day (that included two runs with photo equipment on my back down the women SG course), but after that, I was hardly walking for next 3 or 4 days. Luckily I wasn't assigned for Val d'Isere, because I have no idea how I would be working there with this ankle.

In between I went to 3 acupuncture sessions with my physio, and this weekend I was thinking I'm fine, so I was actually planning to get some skiing yesterday. I was walking around without any pain, I could even run a bit, but when I tried to put ski boot on evening before, I was almost crying of pain when trying to put it on. So instead of alpine skiing, I got 2h of a bit painful xc skiing yesterday, and I hope it will get better till end of this week (almost 3 weeks after my "accident") when I'm at WC in Tarvisio, and I will have to be on course again.

But I guess it depends how bad everything is on beginning already. My was pretty bad.

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