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Scarpa Tornados for Touring?

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After a few years piste bashing with my Volkl 5 stars and Atomic B100s (I'm realy pleased with both) I'm putting together a set up for off piste and touring (multi day Europe, aiming for Haute Route next year) and approaching rock and ice climbs


I've been offers a great deal on some 2006 BD Verdicts which seem ideal for what I'm after.


I've also been offered some unwanted Scarpa Tornados in my size at a great price, I will try them for fit with my custom foot beds)


Although I'm tempted i'm a little concerend that they may not be the most manageable boots for multi day touring, even if they are great for lift served off piste.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated


(Id class myself as an advanced intermediate with expert ambitions, currently skiing 3 weeks a year)


Many thanks



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This is not really the ideal set up for the Haute Route, however, if the HR is just a one off multi day tour then the set up would be perfect for Free Rando. All said and done, my buddy hit the haute route on a full alpine set up last year. He returned and quickly bought a Rando set up but managed it at least. Traditionally for the HR we are typically seeing: Scarpa Spirit 4, Dynastar Alti Powder and either Fritchi Freeride/Explorer or Dynafit TLT Speed. 

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Best boot I ever used.  I stopped using my race boots, my light AT boots and my heavy AT boots and have the Tornado and Tornado Pro.


Not so hot for walking, but the hinge has good motion, so they crampon well.


If you don't scramble on rocks too much they are a good touring boot.

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Thanks Folks


I'll wait and look at the Spirit 4 (or even Spirit 3 with my unusually short legs), with greater comfort for touring, rocker sole etc


BTW the ynused Verdicts I have been offered are the 2006 model with narrower (95) waist and reduced weight, being 145-150lb I reckon I'll get away with the Explorer rather than Freeride bindings and stil be secure on the downhill

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you should be fine on the Explore, but the last time I looked the Explore did not come with brakes. The difference in cost (and weight) was about the same as buying the Freerides. I haven't shopped this season so I may be wrong however.

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