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I did a search and know this subject has been covered before, but has anyone found a sidewall planer they really like?

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Panzar file in a regular guide works great for me. 

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DeWalt orbital sander...worked great for me.

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The relatively cheap Ski-man/swix/etc. tool with square and round blades (I like the radiused square, but sometimes round is better...depends on the ski) is pretty useful and economical.  I came across one this year that was a bit tweaked and as a result didn't have the depth of adjustment you'd like, so if you get one that doesn't appear to work well check it over carefully.  I've used nicer milled aluminum tools from a bunch of different manufacturers, they have pluses and minuses unique to their design, but most offer more adjustability than the basic plastic tool.


In addition to purpose built carbide cutting tools, I also use panzers, various abrasive papers and pads, and occasionally a wet belt edger set at an over-acute angle.  For some cap skis, a simple utility knife will do in a pinch.  On metal laminate race skis it is common to use more than one tool over the length of the ski.  Tuning is a results driven enterprise.  The result you are looking for here is a smooth sidewall that has been relieved from the face of the edge in a geometry such that your entire file/stone is free from interference when the edge is cut to your desired bevel.


tl;dr:  No, I have not found one single tool that does everything all in one.

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Kuu makes a decent one for a reasonable price.  Uses the round cutting blade.



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