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CSIA level one

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I'm registered for the CSIA level one certification, and am in desperate need for some new skiis.

I read somewhere that CSIA members get pro form deals, and so all of a sudden, I'm not so anxious to rush to the store, figuring I might be smarter to wait until my certification is complete.

Does anyone know if this is true, or do you also need to get employed prior to getting the pro-form deals, etc. If that's the case I can go shopping this week [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I don't know their member #, but if you PM either Ihavethesecret, Robin, or L7, they can probably help you out.
Good luck on your exam, and let us know how it goes!
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If you want new boards, I wouldn't be waiting around for the (miniscule) deals you'll get as a CSIA Level I. Your best bet is to ask nicely at your local ski shop.

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So what you are saying is that the higher your level of teaching the more you get for pro-form?
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Yeah. The shop I deal with works with the manufacturer to offer significantly different deals to different levels of instructors. It seems to make sense that with increased certification comes increased benefits.

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I am PSIA, not Canadian, but generally, the pro form is for the working pro (employed). You are only supposed to give forms to patrol, techs/sales and instructors.

The big question that I would ask before you panic, is what type of skis are suitable for the exam? My long GS skis almost screwed me when it came to doing nice round short radius turns. Make sure that your skis will perform regarding the tasks assigned.

Once you are hired, some hills offer some very attractive deals through the companies. Others, you can scratch and beg and still come up short.
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The CSIA made a big thing out of bringing back pro deals this year and I do believe it extends to Level 1s as well. I work at a shop and for us it didn't change anything. The expectation is for the pro to go through a shop and it is up to the shop's discretion. Our policy is to provide pro forms to employed instructors in our area that basically have some hope of referring clients to us. It is generally done before Xmas although we make exceptions as per availability. Depending what you're looking for you may have trouble finding warehouse stock of many items. We do it on a order and wait for delivery basis. Judging from the calls we get from points east including Toronto I gather many shops are not joining in. My advice is you should lay some ground work to establish a relationship with a good shop now and talk to them next fall after you've landed a teaching job. If you're desparate just pick up what you can find in a clearance now, sale the price will be similar.

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If you're on straight skis you will need to get new skis before the course, they won't let you do the course if your skis are too old, but renting is always an option.

Good luck, it's fun so don't get too stressed about it.


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Hope they don't have a bias against twin-tips..
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Suss out if there are any reps in your ski school. You can often get better prices and deals from them on pro form than you can from shops. Ask in the locker room.
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Well, for all who are interested, I actually passed my level one tonight.

I must say it was a really fun course, learned a lot, and now I am definitely looking forward to level 2. It was also a lot more difficult than I ever expected, about 1/3 of the class failed.

Thanks to everyone who gave me the feedback and encouragement along the way..

Met some people who worked in shops...I have now also realized that the end of season sales will be a better bargain then any pro-form I can get...

Thanks again to all..
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Congrats! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Have plenty of fun on your journey up the ladder.
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Congratulations from a guy who lived in your wonderful country for two years and loved every day of it.
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