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Rossignol Axial 120 Adjustment

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Just bought some used Rossignol Z9s with Axial 120 bindings and need to adjust the boot size.  Unfortunately, I can't simply adjust the heal piece because the previous owners boot was way too small.  So, I figured out I have to also move the front part of the binding forward as well.  I have the front binding completely off of the ski and I'm trying to figure out the right location of where to remount it.  There are notched indications on the ski for the size (310, 330, etc).  My boots are 324mm, so I'm unsure if I should mount the front binding at the 310 slot or the 330 slot.  Both will lock my boots in after some heal piece adjustment.  The difference is my boot will be slightly forward/back on the ski, depending on which setting I use.  Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks all in advance.



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Alex...I'm no expert, but if I were in that situation I would determine what type of snow I most often ski on. Soft snow...mount 310, hard snow...mount 330.  It will not make a huge difference. 330 sounds right off the top of my head, its half of what the 310 distance is compared to your BSL.

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