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X Wave 8 vs 9 ski boot

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I was wondering if anyone had any good details on the differences between the Salomon X wave 8 and 9 ski boots for 2003. I've tried the 8.0 on and fit is good but I haven't been able to try the 9.0 (no one seems to have it that I've talked with) and I can't see much dif besides the flex and double canting adjustment. Thanks for any info....AJ
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I am not sure there is that much of a diff. i went to a bootfitter and he fitted me in the 9 with 100 dins. It seems like a very nice and snug fit for my small feet. Have not ski in them yet, can't wait. I have the jitter now thinking about skiing, have to drink more to coffee to carm down.
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I'm not sure about this year's Xwave 8 & 9, but I have last years' 9. Aside from the stiffer flex of the 9, it also had a better quality liner than the 8.
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The X-Wave 8 and 9 have identical flex, or at least they did the year I bought mine. The difference is in the liner and boot board.
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