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Lange World Cup 130 LF (PinaFirina sp?) toe pain

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Hi there,


Started out on Dec 15th with the Lange World Cup 130 LF right out of the box (I know it's from a few years ago but the store still had a pair last April when I bought it).  Low volume boot (which in retrospect was an error with my E width foot).  Have been working on them all season.  They've been punched out 7 times and they've been scraped to create more vertical space.  The liners have also been cut to allow for the width of my foot.  Toe box has been substantially increased in width.  No footbeds b/c apparently I have the rare foot (rigid? high arch or something) that wouldn't benefit, especially in the low volume boot.  Initially, they were unwearable after about 10 minutes.  With all the work that has been done on them, they feel great initially; however, after a few hours, the 2nd and 3rd toes (with the 2nd being the one beside the smallest toe) really start to hurt (more on the right boot than the left).  When I'm in the boot without a liner in my bare feet, you can fit one finger between the back of my heel and the back of the boot.  You can't get 2 fingers in there.  These boots are a full size smaller than my previous Lange boots.  Here is the thing - when I lean forward in the boot, the toes do not hit the front so length has been ruled out as the problem; however, when I put the boots on, width does not feel like the problem either.  Any thoughts?  I'm wondering, if perhaps length is a problem whenever i'm not forward, i.e. maybe my 2nd and 3rd toes are hitting the front of the boot every time I get thrown back (which unfortunately happens quite often when I'm on the slalom course!).  I don't think the pain is from circulation getting cut off (that's already been fixed).  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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have you used that shell, with any other liners?  same pain?  if so it is a shell thing, if a new, or different liner makes it good, then great,  use that new liner.


sounds like the shell fit is right, but that shape might not be great, even with work, for a E foot.


better or worse with the toe buckles tighter or looser at all?

better with a thinner sock?


are you using ANY footbed?  are you hanging off the side of the footbed?

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Thanks so much for your response - much appreciated!  I'm way over on both sides of the unsubstantial footbed that came with the boot. Prior to the cutting of the liners, my toes would go numb after about 20 minutes from just wearing the liner outside of the boot.  Tried superfeet but as the maximum vertical space had already been created, they created too much pressure on the top of the foot.  Toe buckles are done as loose as possible.  The 2nd buckle is best left hooked on the second ladder and not clamped down.  Better with thinner socks.


Should I take them out for a spin with my old Lange liners that are a size larger?


Thanks for your help.

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so you have removed the flat, crappy footebd to start with?  (if not do that)

try the size bigger liners and see if you get the same issues.  if yes then do more shell work, if not enjoy the "new" boots

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