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Meticulous seems to be a word common to both you and the Harb measurement system, and that's a good thing when working boot issues.


I would have been surprised if your injury did not change the alignment of your broken leg, and, it just makes good sense to have this assessment done now that you have returned. Were you close to allignment on your other leg? My understanding is that the new footbed may or may not correct alignment so that you stand perfectly flat: sometimes canting is required and Harb can assess leg allignment via video or on-slope observation. Is this someting you will pursue? In summary, it seems that you wanted new footbeds at the start, and, now the goal is more oriented to being aligned, do I have this right?


Thanks for the update. It's a journey not an event.



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I'd like to second that. I did not get mine from Surefoot, but have been very happy with my Amfit ski orthotics.
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Not that I'm a medically trained professional, but I've been fitting boots since 1976. Everything from Scott's to Bodacious. The things that are lacking from this argument is that specific elements are being overlooked. I've built hundreds of footbeds, mostly Kork (full and half), and Instaprint or Confomrable types for those that needed it, but I have recently re-entered the ski business after a long hiatus and the shop that I'm part-timing in uses the Amfit system. I hate it! With my knowledge of how the foot (and rest of the body) works relative to skiing, I am philosophically opposed to the Amfit footbed. My main points of contention are that it provides too much support under the arch; does not allow proper ankle articulation and offers too small of a heel cup. Additionally, unless the boot-tech is well versed in the final finish work, the Amfit footbed does not, on its own, provide the necessary posting to establish a fully functioning connection between the skier and the boot. I take pride in my work and want my customers to ski as well as possible and get the most enjoyment out of the sport as they can. I sell the Amfit's and make them work as well as I can, but if I had my preference, I'd Shi* Can the cnc machine and go back to Superfeet! It's not my shop so I just keep my mouth shut and do the best I can with what I have. Guess what footbeds I ski in? (oh, and the bootboard/zeppa dialogue? Seriously? There's bootfitters out there that don't take out the factory contours? And the inside the boot canting correction? Asking for knee trouble!)
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