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Ski School at Alpine ?

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Anyone had experiences with the ski school at Alpine that might be worth sharing ? I'm thinking of taking a lesson on Sat if they let me use the $$ I have left on my 10pak pass.


Miss Jane
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Other than Master's Race Training with Jorg, I haven't taken a regular lesson there in a about 5 years. Well actually my wife and I did rent an instructor (Christian) for a private for a little while on a powder day. They used to have a very good Instructor Group, but many of the people that I knew have left over the years. If you are planning on a private, I'm sure I can get a couple of names for you. If you're planning on a group lesson, you'll be somewhat at their mercy.

Shhh - don't tell anyone I said this, but why not go to Northstar on Sunday when it's a little less crowded and take a free lesson. I've had some good lessons there and the price is unbeatable.
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Hi Jane,
if your looking for a good private at alpine, I'd recommend Mike Hafer. He is the new ski school trainer there and is a talented teacher. Tell him Wade sent you. cheers, Holiday
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Thanks Holiday
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This is going to sound REALLY weird, but I figured I'd pass it on! When I took the Women's workshop at Okemo, there was a visting instructor named Drew, who was actually a trainer at Alpine meadows. Since he used to work at Okemo, he had to come out for one week a year to retain his New England certification. {don't understand why}

Our instructor asked if we minded if he met up with us and made some observations about our skiing, which she would relate to us. We asked why he could'nt just ski a run with us, but since it was a women's workshop, it was n ot allowed.

Anyway, his observations were EXTREMELY perceptive!
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Thanks for your post. We took some lessons from Mike Hafer at Northstar and he was excellent. We may have to book him again.
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