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Still Can't Post...

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...From my office, where I'm running IE 6 and getting page error messages. Here, using FF, no problem. Really putting a damper on my post count. What is going on? Anyone?

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Yea, IE 6 sucks just as much as it did last week. Tell your IT guys to get on it.

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Yeah, I'll do that. Meanwhile, anyone have anything that can actually help?

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Until they fix it, may I suggest remote desktop, or some similar service?

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Odd. I'm using IE 6.0.2900 here and no problem posting. Maybe it's something else?

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Prickly - we did a number of fixes in the push yesterday specifically targetted at IE6 and we can't for the life of us reproduce these issues (we even created a Windows 2000 environment with IE6 SP1 to help Rossi Smash and got that working.)


There are any number of factors that could be cramping your style (company firewalls or Javascript permissions, etc.) but we'll keep at it. Can you provide your exact IE6 version, computer OS, etc.?


Sorry for the troubles.

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