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Swix Brush - How course

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Just wondering if anyone knows how coarse a particular Swix bronze brush is.  The one I have is square and has a row of black nylon bristles around the outside edge.  I do not see a picture of this brush on their web site.  There is a square one with blue nylon bristles on the website, but no coarseness rating.  With the oval bronze brushes, the bronze with blue nylon is medium and the one with black nylon is coarse.  Just wondering if anyone knows if it is the same with the square brushes.  If it is a coarse bronze I assume it would be good for a pre wax brushing, but how about as an initial brush after waxing?


Thanks,  John

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Per the 2009-10 Swix catalogue:


Brushes used before waxing:


Rectangular Coarse Bronze Brush .18 mm diameter, have a row of softer nylon bristles around the outside edge as "sweepers" for wax particles. Can also be used as first brush after waxing. 10 strokes.

The blue bristles are shown on medium coarse brushes for 'after scraping".


I'm not sure if this is SOP with Swix or not for past years.......





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Thanks for the info.  I think that's the one.  I expect it will be good for getting wax out of the structure and possible even maintaining the structure itself without being as abrasive as a steel brush.



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