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AC30 in 177 or 184?

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Demoed some skis including Volkl Tigershark 12 PS in 175 and AC30 in 177. Liked the AC30 over all a little better. I am level 5-6 but it was amazing how much these skis helped improve my technique.


I am 6'  265lbs and liked the 177s. They felt solid underfoot, held an edge on the ice in the steeps well, early whenit was cold, busted through the crud and piles later on as it got warmer, and overall just felt more stable on medium to long GS type turns.


I liked the TS as well they really hooked up when you got on the front of the skis and edged. A little better than the AC30 in that category to me, but did not feel nearly as good in the crud or straight just a little squirrely to me compared to the AC30. So going with the AC30


Question is do I stick with the 177 AC30's which is the length I demoed or move up now to the 184? Thinking I may want more ski in a few years or sooner but don't want too much ski now.



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Demo the 184, you might prefer it. After a season or two on it, I doubt the 177 will be enough ski.

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