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Barney's World?

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Hi Bob,

Great to hear the Academy went so well - sorry I missed it.

I was wondering whether you're the same Bob Barnes that his video clips on the Winter Park site? I couldn't quite tell from the Academy photos...

Barney's World

Sorry I didn't PM this - your mailbox is FULL!!!
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Different Bob Barnes. Ours is cuter! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Awe, gee, Lisamarie....

Yep--"Barney" is the Bob Barnes at Winter Park (Ski School Director). I'm based at Copper Mountain. We aren't related, as far as we know. By mutual agreement, he is "Bob Barnes 1" and I am "Bob Barnes A."

Best regards,
Bob (sometimes called "Barnesie") Barnes
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The best description of our Bob Barnes is what somebody wrote on his locker (We're in the same row at Copper)-YODA!!! Now if he could perfect the Vulcan mind and foot transfer!!!
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