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Stayed in Cottonwood Heights at a condo in the Canyon Raquet club with 4 other friends.  Place was right at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon Road.


Solitude 2/7:  Never been here before.  Snowed some the night before so conditions were great.  Did a couple groomed runs and the surface was perfect, but did alot of runs off of the Summit lift.  Was able to find some fresh tracks in the Honeycomb Canyon all day long.  Didn't really like the fact that if you skied Honeycomb, you had to take two lifts just to get back to the Summit lift.


Alta 2/8:  Haven't been to Alta since they installed all of the high speed lifts (i.e. a long time!).  Makes getting around the mountain much easier.  No new snow for Sunday but had a good day.  Skied off piste the entire day.  Found some great turns on Ballroom off of Collins for the first run of the day.  Also had fun in the East Greely and West Rustler areas (though rocks mangled the bases of my skis).


Snowbird 2/9 & 2/10:  Holy Cow!  Got pummeled with snow on Monday and we didn't even get to the slopes until 11:00.  Fresh DEEP tracks all was simply incredible.  I spent most of the day eating snow.  The backside closed early and we only got one run in over there, but spent lots of time under the little cloud lift.  This was the best powder day I can remember.  The website said they got 19 inches during the day and at one point it snowed 9 inches in 3 hours.  Tuesday was also great although word must have gotten out as there were lots more people on the mountain.  (I rented a pair of Elan 999's on Tuesday and hated them).


Brighton 2/11:  As this was our 5th day in a row, my legs were pretty weak and I spent most of the day ripping down groomers.  Fantastic surface as lots of fresh snow was just groomed in.  This was my first time at Brighton and I was pleasantly surprised!


I'm really not looking forward to skiing in the east for the rest of the season : (