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nordica - the speedmachine mach 3 power or dobermann spitfire pro

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Hi all, I am having trouble deciding between these 2 skis. I was able to demo one but unfortunately not the other, the website does not give me eough information on them.


I am 38, 145 lbs. 5``8. I ski mostly groomers, fast big turns, in the east coast, often icy conditions. I sometimes ski in trees too. Moguls I never do.


I guess I`m worried that the speedmachine will not perform well if it snows, or be too hard to move in the trees.


But on the otherhand, I am worried that the spitfire pro will not grip as well at high speeds, and hold on ice at any speed.


Any advice is very much appreciated.


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I have skied both, and the M3 is definitely stiffer and more demanding. The Spitfire is easier going in any condition and holds about as well as anything not called SM-M3. Given your weight, I'd think the Spitfire would be plenty of ski.



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I'm 160, 5'9", advanced skier.


I have last year's Mach 3 carbon which is less stiff and demanding than the Mach 3 Power. I demo'd both prior to purchasing.


The Mach 3 power is way too much ski for my weight. It was super smooth and powerful going ultra-fast but I couldn't make it turn at slower speeds. It's a ski designed for the ultra-strong/heavy and think it would be a terrible choice given your description.


Nordica discontinued the Mach 3 carbon this year. You may want to consider the Mach 2, although I haven't skied it and don't know how it compares.

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thanks for your help. Another reason I wasn't sure about this ski was that Nordica themselves lists it as a race ski. The mach 3 they list as a high performance ski.

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Here's a great way to look at it. This year, we stocked the Doberman Pro SL and GS and the M3 . The majority of these models are sold to instructors largely b/c the Nordica hill rep nearby is a National Demo Team member and is very highly respected. At this years dealer intro last week, I told him that he got to be the buyer for our store for this model position. I put it to him this way...."I'm only going to carry one Nordica model in this spot this year. What do you want for yourself and waht do you want us to stock for your instuctors?" He thought about it for about 3 seconds and said "Spitfire"



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thanks again,


you make a good case, I just want to make sure this spitfire can do long GS turns down those fast runs, I am no slalom skier by any means, I have also demod and liked dynastar speecoarse, fischer progressor 9, they had more GS like radius, I didnt like the rossignol S oversize, actually I hated it, it only wanted to turn, even if I said no. maybe due to that big fat shovel, lol


But so far everyone has chimed in with support for the spitfire in this thread so... who am I to be stubborn :)




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I'm 6", 180lbs and I tried a 170 Spitfire Pro about two weeks ago and its an amazing ski. I was surprised how easy it is to ski it at low speeds, but I was even more impressed with the radius and grip at higher speeds. I'm skiing on the east coast as well (Tremblant, QC) and we get a lot of ice and hard snow here and I had no problems with it. I've never tried the Mach4 but I do want to...

Personally I very much like the Spitfire but the best thing is to try both of them so you can sleep at night! However, I have a feeling that the Mach4 is not as easy to turn at lower speeds and maybe a bit to stiff hence lots of knee work when going slower. For example I tried the Atomic GS FIS model the same day, and its an amazing ski to have under your feet at speed, but I would never buy it for everyday skiing. Simply too much work trying to avoid all those people, and its very heavy.

I think the 170 Spitfire Pro will definitelly satisfy you speed requirements. That ski is a hoot!
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