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Different kinds of skis?

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What are the different styles of skis?


I am finding everything from mega-carvers to pontoons to SL racing skis...


What is the purpose for all of this? What seperates the pontoons from those twin tips?

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Who would have thought :)


But really how many skis does one need for their collection?


Could you get away with 2 pairs of skis and cover everything you need?


Or do you really need upwards of 4-5 skis?


Basically that told me there are twins, alpine touring, and alpine. But when you got a web-site they have what seems like infinite variations. I look at the 09-10 stuff on TGR and there are so many variations. It looks like basically carvers in the 72-82mm width then you have the mega mountain skis that look like twin tips that look like 92 and 100mm. Then you have smaller twins probably for more terrain park?


What are examples of alpine touring skis?

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Lots of people try 2 pair. One for harder snow (check sizes similar to 77mm waist) or pipe (twin tip) and something wide for the powder day (80 to way over 100mm).


And then's there's the people who have to have everything. Most of em help you buy used...

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Of course you can get away with two pairs -- or even one.  But you'll be making more compromises than you would with a well-chosen quiver.


What the ideal quiver consists of varies depending on where, what, and how you ski.

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Example, my quiver will soon be...


Head mojo 94, 132-94-121 187cm long, everyday ski.

Head jimi, 130-110-120 191cm long, Powder/heavy snow/chopped ski.

Head mojo mogul, 89-60-80 181cm long, moguls of course.


I could do without the mogul ski, more of a novelty.


Even without the mogul that setup assures I will be happy whatever the conditions are.

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For Michigan skiing and the occasional trip out west, 2 skis should do for you. Get a hyper carver for making lots of turns on our little hills (waist 66-72) and a twin or modified twin for 6+ inches of freshies, spring slush, park play, and out west (waist 75-90). If you need anything wider than that out west, rent or demo.


You'll not need a touring ski here. They are usually a lighter weight version of a mid-fat (waist 75-95) with a binding that functions free-heel cross-coutry style for climbing and then locks down for downhill skiing.

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