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Just an Update on my school raciing

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So i race for my Ski team at school i toronto. And today was city championships.

for my qualifying races, two weeks back, for  Giant Slalom i got 2nd out of 140, and for Slalom I DNF....-_-....GAH! (i blamed it on the skis...)

but i still got to go to the city finals with my school team.

For Giant Slalom, i came fifth overall for 40 guys, and for Slalom, i placed 2nd out of 40.

our team didn't do so well, so we can't go to Provincials, but i made it as an individual to go to blue mountain for three days of provincial racing...HOW cool is thaT?!


i'll keep you guys updated on my Provincial and post pictures, if i get around to taking some.

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Congratulations and good luck! My son's team will be racing at their Regionals 2/17/09 to qualify for Michigan State Finals. Keep up the good work.



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Nice skiing, Kiddo!  Get some video and lets see you rip it up!

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hey thanks guys!

yea i'll try to put something up after my OFSAA competition....which will probably be in like a week and a half. i'll keep ya updated.


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I am excited to announce that my son's team from Lake Orion, MI won their regional meet yesterday and will be racing at Boyne Mtn this weekend in the Sate Finals.



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hey guys...man, i got really bad news.....

before i even got to race OFSAA, i broke my leg, swerving into a wall of trees.

shattered my tibia and fibia, lost all my chances at my senior year at school....

now i hate snowboarders with a burning passion, and i wish i just hit him instead...

but heres a link to the story.





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Pretty dumb commet by the Whistler instructor regarding helmets ... comments section after your news article.  Sounds like if you are going to be skiing over 17 kph or 10 mph .. why bother with a helmet?


Well, at least the crash has you thinking more clearly now.


About snowboarders that is. 

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Damn man thats some bad luck.....well like you said be thank ful that it was your leg and not your head.


Heal well and fast!

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If its any consolation it could have been a lot worse.  racer from westchester i think got cut off and had a dbl compound fracture of his fib/tib at one of our races, Except in his case they couldn't save the leg and had to amputate below the knee.


good luck with your recovery.

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hey guys.

Thanks alot for the support,

and i couldn't agree with yuki more, the whistler dude can't spell collision, and then he tells everyone that you shouldn't need a helmet if your going to ski faster then 17km/h. because its not going to protect you either way....-_-..... ...and of course snowboarders, my hate for them has grown from a tiny candle light to a flaming torch....



dude, he had to get his leg amputated? holy crap man. i'd be destroyed if they did...

i can move my toes now!

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man do i feel lucky,

a guy, 45, died hitting a tree just yesterday, in the same collingwood area ski hills...


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May you have a full recovery and be on the slopes next season.



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Sorry to hear Noh. Once you get setteld down with university, you should join us for some Masters racing. You just need to join a club like Toronto Ski Club or Jozo Weider. I, like you also made it to OFSAA but I can't imagine how devastated i'd feel if I got that close and had that happen.

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Sorry to hear your news. My advice is to follow the exact advice and regimen that's recommended for PT when you're ready to begin. Make sure that they're aware that you're an athlete. Follow it to the letter, not more, not less, and with your positive attitude you'll be back before you know it. Good luck!

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hey guys, thanks for the support.

yea, i'm starting physio really soon. never done it, but i want to be walking by may.

i have prom...on may 29th, ahaha i don't really want to show up in crutches.


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