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Thanks to All

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I am new to this site, but have read most post for the last year. The information is very insightful and has help me to "Gear Up" appropriately. The reviews are priceless, although  I have realized  my misguided attempt  at  purchasing products. Previous purchases were based on  what looks  cool or  I could get for a good price with out being properly fitted and or demoed.


I now know the errors of my ways, so I guess I will be Ebaying my old (new) stuff.


Anyway, great site, keep up the good work.



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Sould be able to get what you need and at a good price also if ya look around. Ya I am pretty knew here also ,there seem to be some bright folks here and some a those other ones, we just gotta sort them all out. If you are ever in question just ask Bob!! (man this goes from thread to thread don't it?)

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Originally Posted by Old Boot View Post

...there seem to be some bright folks here...


Why; Thank you.


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