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Can't remember the last time I had a ski dream, but sitting here at my desk I just recalled that last night I had just such a dream.


I dreamed I was skiing at Hunter (yeah I know of all places, but figuring I will be there this weekend it makes sense), cruising down Huega Expressway to Drop off then onto Belt Pkwy....nothing unusual, is the dreamy part, it was powder, not just powder but shoulder-deep powder...and I was loving it. 


Equipped with my Monster 88s, it was easy, smooth, like skiing on clouds.  In my dream I remember thinking wow this is fun, snow was engulfing me, I could barely see, snow was everywhere, all you could see were the tops of peoples heads bobbing up and down as they made their ways down.  


Those not used to the conditions (most of us right coasters, myself included if this were not a dream) were struggling, but a handful were right there with me, effortless.  I also thought wow those guys on Epic were right, this is skiing, I cant wait to tell them that I love skiing powder now.....then I woke up.  



and heard the news.........



'high of 60*  put the top down going to work today.'





Ski dreams anyone?