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Jackson Hole

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My wife and I are thinking about skiing at Jackson Hole at the end of March into the first week of April, and would like to know if others have skied there during that time of year and what you thought of the skiing conditions?  I understand conditions vary year to year, but in general what should we expect?  Thank you.

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Take what I say with grain of salt, I'm not local.

Relatively speaking Jackson is not known as the best place in the West for late season conditions because of a sunny exposure, but you never know.  Current February conditions there are a little subpar.  If you are intermediate level, then reasonably good skiing on groomed slopes is more likely to be maintained into late season.  Believe the dates you are talking about are the last week of scheduled operations there in 2008-2009 season.
Check out these slightly dated, but nonetheless very informative reports from a respected ski writer:

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Hi Jim,

 We skied there Mar. 18-25 in '07 and it was definitely spring conditions. Very nice to ski in no layers and actually peel the jackets off in the afternoon. Up top, the skiing was good, and we followed Bob Peter's unofficial guide to JH and recommendations of how to ski in the spring. At the bottom it was mush. Overall, it was a good trip, but I know it could have been better. I am going to have to say that it will be hit or miss for you because in '08 they had tons of snow around the same time.  There are other places (Breckenridge for instance) where you will have less of a chance of sub par conditions that late.

 I will be back to JH, though.  I loved the mountain.  So much to offer for every type of skier.

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