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Training Center Web Page

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I've created a new Training Center web page to take better advantage of both the great information in the forum as well as to move more toward a full interactive/community-based platform.

1st, please let me know if you think I have selected the right "article threads" to feature. The selection criteria should be based both on the quality of the content in each thread, as well as the relevance and interest of the thread's subject to the widest number of skiers who come to EpicSki for advice.

2nd, feel free to nominate future threads to be listed as articles in the training center.

Training Center

In addition to posting articles in the forum, I would love to make more instructional photos avaialable (either montages, or stills) -- so let me know if you need hosting or any other help with photos you'd like to post! These are always a big hit.

Also, the EpicSki Instructor Listing will be featured prominantly here as well (keep the submissions for that coming!)
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Thanks to those who have sent suggestions, they have all been incorporated.

Note, a few of the titles I used in the Training Center are different than the threads they represent -- I did this to try to list it in a way that would best communicate to the widest range of people what it is about. Let me know if I misrepresented any of these threads.

Keep the suggestions coming (it is helpful if you include the link to the thread you are suggesting).
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Excellent! I will start the groundwork for that Functional Sports Training article tomorrow, on our company trip to Aruba. Since this will incorporate a training module for all sports conditioning, it will be interesting to write this from the beach, watching the waterskiers and windsurfers. Then, next week, after the Sports Conditioing Conference in Miami, I'll put in more input.

The other thing I want to try to do is put the fitness links I have in many threads throughout the forum into one article.
But till then, bye bye!
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