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174 vs 179 BROs

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Does anyone know why there is such a huge price difference between these two skis? 174s are $499 and 179s $739. Is there a big difference in the construction or something?


At 5'10" 150lbs I'm not sure which length would be best, I would like to mount them with marker barons for occasional short tours but still bust crud and rail GS turns when needed. I skied Mythic Riders in 172 and felt the 178s would be too much ski but not sure how the stiffness of the Bros compares in both stiff and soft versions.

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That's because they have leftovers from last year.  They're having a blowout sale on the 174s, the 164s and the 195 SuperBros, hence the smokin' deal. 


At your height and weight, I'd go the 179, although I'm real close to your h/w and TC's 174s were a helluva good time at Stowe if not a smidge too short for me...  IMO you should pick up the 179s tho.     


As for the flex characteristics, when I got my 183s I got the soft flex just because it's my pow-specific board and I want to float a little bit more.  Beautiful, round flex- somewhat solid underfoot but the long tip has that nice easy bow that's gonna be tits in the pow...  If it ever snows again, that is.  If you like your Mythics' stiffness, the stiff Bros will be perfect.  They're super light and from what I hear the stiff flex is for those of us who really love to rip.  So in short, if this will be your pow day boards, go soft.  If they're your daily charger, go stiff.   



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