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Boots for the Future?

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 I hit the jackpot this season with my pair of Salomon Falcon 10s. Superb fit and performance. Comfort that I can’t believe. Simply dropped in my old footbeds and had the soles planed/ added lifters for canting. No other shell work at all. Could not be more satisfied. Much nicer fit than I’ve ever had before.


I’ll probably get several seasons of use from this pair. Would not usually consider internet purchase of a pair of boots, but see prices for the Falcon 10 and CS Pro that are ridiculously low. I’m tempted to pick up a pair and store them for use when I kill my present pair.


Assuming my feet retain their current form, is there any downside to storing a pair of boots for a few years? Can I reasonably expect the shell and liner to maintain their structural integrity? CS zones aside, am I correct in assuming that the CS Pro and Falcon 10 are the same last? My fit in the 10’s is almost akin to my finding the Holy Grail of skidom, and would hate to see the line discontinued. Am I being overly pessimistic? 

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It's totally reasonable to have another pair 'waiting in the wings'.  Plastic has a fatigue life and depending on UV exposure and use, somewhere between 50-100 days the plastic starts to loose its elasticity and rebound - it gets tired.  I just pitched my shells that had 100+ days (ok, I'm lazy and didn't want to do my own bootwork), and brought up a pair of shells (new, 1.5 years old) from the basement reserve cache .  If you've found what you like, do a little hoarding, especially if the price is right.

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Blimey  Matt what did you drag out that was that old

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Racetech plugs.


I wanted to say "your sister", but I thought that would be inappropriate!

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i don't have a sister....must have been your cousin

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Hi gents. Sincere thanks for the advice.


Sorry, but I've no available female family members old enough for you to insult or disparage. At least not any that you know about.




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