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The recent discussion on canting in the stance thread has convinced me that I can benefit from this. I already have custom footbeds. Can anyone suggest someone in New England (preferably MA or NH) that I can go to for alignment. I have trouble bringing my skis close together and also have difficulty releasing.
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The ones whose work I've been most impressed by have been Paul Richelson/Feet First (Plymouth NH, on the way to WV & Loon), Gordon Hay (Bob Smith's in Boston), Inner Bootworks (Stowe), Basin Ski Shop (Killington) and Green Mtn Orthotics Lab/GMOL (Stratton). (Killington and Stratton have a few other worthy shops, but Basin and GMOL are so good that I can't imagine visiting anyone else in their immediate vicinity.)
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I'll throuw in my recommendation for GMOL (Green Mtn Orthodic Labs). Greg Hoffman (owner) and Scott (forget his last name) are amazing. They are at Stratton Mtn.

I don't have any experience witrh any of the other folks that JS listed.
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My only comment, is be sure that you go to someone who, besides doing shop measurements, does on-snow assessment. It is very important for thee aligner to visually see what changes need be made and how they effect your skiing. Then you and he/she need to out again for final validation. It will probably be difficult to find someone to do this, but is really worth the time and money spent.

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