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Stockli Bevel?

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 I was told that they are .5/1, is that correct? I would appreciate clarification. 

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From my old notes I have it shows the base at 0 underfoot and .5 to 1 degree at the tips/tails depending on the model.  Believe it or not this info also show the side edge setup only at 1 degree.


That said, I do like having 0 degree on the base in the section basically under the boot only, with 1 degree across the rest of the base.  It's just a pain to maintain it that way so I've pretty much compromised with a 1 degree for the entire base bevel.  I also much prefer 3 degree sides for the additional edge hold without much decrease in "wearability".

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Noodler, care to share any of your Factory Edge Bevel notes and findings in the Wiki?




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My 07 Scot Schmidt Pro came .7/2 from the factory.     I really like how they ski.  Excellent edge hold.

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Stockli certainly may have changed their "tune" in the most recent years.  My last set of notes on this was from the 2005-2006 season.

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The factory bevels on the Stocklis vary depending on the ski.

The base angle also changes from the tip and tail to the waist.

Which Stockli are we discussing?

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I have been lurking for quite some time, and this is my first post, but I know a bit about tuning Stocklis.  We have been carrying Stockli for 10 years, and though many times the skis are very good out of the wrapper, I have found the factory tunes vary a ton.  Where the ski bases are flat, the base bevels seem to average around 1 degree. 


I notice that especially the synthetic core skis need to be re-worked, as most of the tip and tail areas are noticably railed and cupped - probably due to the ski "curing" on the boat as they come across the pond.  The this year's batch of Stocklis was probably the most inconsistent that we have seen.  We tune all of our new skis regardless. Standard set up for Stockli is 1 deg base bevel and 2 or 3 degree side edge bevel - dependent on skier preference. 


Finding a great factory tune and a new ski is definitely the exception, the vast majority of Alpine skis (Stocklis included)  need to be reworked and "squared up" before their best performance is realized.  Even though the ski companies spend a lot of money on tuning and finishing machines for their skis, it doesn't make up for the "curing" factor, and in my opinion a hand tuned ski is far superior to any machine tuned ski.

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Originally Posted by quickk9 View Post


The factory bevels on the Stocklis vary depending on the ski.

The base angle also changes from the tip and tail to the waist.

Which Stockli are we discussing?


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I have asked Stockli directly very recently and they promptly replied 0.5 base, 1.0 side ("hanging from the top" was the expression in their reply).


My question was about Laser SC.


When I skied the SC (being totally blown away in the process  ) I thought from the way they carve that the base was less than 1 but I also thought the side was at least 88 - well I was wrong.


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You are assuming that nobody had tuned the ski since it came from the factory.  Most local reps tune the skis when they are in their demo fleets.  If the skis are being used at large scale demo events they are likely being tuned everyday so there is no guarantee that the skis you rode are tuned to the original specs

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Correct in general but the shop I demoed from doesn't do large scale demoes, strictly speaking they don't do demoes of their Stocklis at all, they only sell them. The pair I skied


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ooops, technical problem...


anyways the pair I skied looked new, the shop guy said I was 3 or 4th person to have used it.


Hope it helps.



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There is a fair chance that they are tuning high end demos after every user.  I'd call the shop and ask them how the ski is setup

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