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I wish I still had one of these from time to time..




No cats and other subtle mods made it difficult to get an inspection sticker so I decided to sell it.


This one was some fun, but I much preferred the Pontiac's I owned.




In German green, that was my first stick vehicle.  Pretty good car.

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Does my Kia Sedona minivan count, never mind.

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Lime Rock Vintage Fall Festival

Yep, the great old stuff and plenty of it. A few pix to tease you guys;








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Any  300SL goodness?

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

Any  300SL goodness?

Didn't see one on Friday in the paddock, but certainly just as likely to be in the parking lot during this weekend!

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A few more...  (click for full size)















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Old fun cars in my past car quiver:


74 Beetle: learned to wrench on it. Put in a 1776cc bored motor and lowered it. Poor man's Porsche

76 911SC: with an 85 3.2L Carrera motor swap

91 Integra: SCCA Solo II E/Stock 

90 Miata: SCCA Solo II CSP

85 Jetta GLI: SCCA Solo II E/Stock

2000 Frontier SE: 4x4-ing up in the mountains, ski truck

2006 Audi A3 3.2 quattro DSG: current commuter stealth fun car


For a while I worked at a performance driving school and got to drive customer Subaru STis, Corvettes, Mini Coopers, AMG Mercedes, Lotus Elises, even a new Ford GT once.


Somewhere along the way I discovered motorcycles ... they are way more fun, and I can fit a bunch in my garage (current stable: 91 VFR750, 06 Thruxton, 09 KLX250, 08 Can Am Spyder)


Although, some sick and twisted part of me has me skimming the classifieds for one of these:


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frown.gif On it's way to the crusher.


   Scrap yard told me over the phone an engine would cost me $600, so I had hope.


Shop tells me $3000 including installation. I may be dumb, but I'm not spending 3G on a $200 car.  (ok, $350 with a full tank of gas).

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^^^Someday you just might see one of those go for 6 figures at a Barrett-Jackson auction......  OK maybe not hahahaha..  Still sucks to say goodbye to an old friend..th_dunno-1[1].gif

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And all the serial numbers still match wink.gif.  

Could be worse, at least it's not a '69 SuperBee.

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