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Berkshire East 2-4-09

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Man we've had a good four weeks of skiing.  This had been the best stretch of good skiing in southern new england in years (no January warm-up!, consistent snowfall, cold temps!).  This week the warm temps and the rain (supposedly) have moved back in putting a bit of a damper on the good run of skiing we've enjoyed.


However, last week, while 'working' at my local hill, a fellow Patroller broke in his new fancy helmet Camera and followed me around a for few runs on a Sunny Day at Berkshire East.  The surfaces started showing the first firm and funky consistencies in a month, but overall the skiing (and the sunshine) was still quite good (by East coast standards).  Anyway, enjoy the short video tour of Berkshire east, a pretty great little mountain in Massachusetts that's worth a visit if you're in Driving distance.   Notice the weekday "Crowds".


It's a crime I call this a day at work!


Oh-I believe this video was uploaded with the option High Definition you tube resolution-you can click the option just below the video if your computer supports that sort of thing!





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Wow, might be my favorite post ever on Epic.... really gives one a sensation of how much fun the beast is!!!


You should def cross post this on AZ too.


Great skiing too!


Thanks a bunch!




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Thanks, hrstrat.


I did take your suggestion and posted this to AZ (as there is a loyal B-East following over there).


I'll be there on Sunday-if you or any bears want to get together for a run or two (alas, it won't be as good as it was last week...but it'll still have that unique Berkshire east Charm!).



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where is AZ? I love the B'East. 

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Originally Posted by bwana View Post

where is AZ? I love the B'East. 




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Yeah, the AZ forums are pretty cool, a little more low key and a lot more regionally focused than Epic. A place where the little eastern joints gets a little love!


Anyway-hopefully after this bout of rain, a little snow returns to the BEAST (Roemer is calling for a big late february in the east!) -I'll still remember January '09 anyway!

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Worked there again today...including patrollers there were 8 people skiing..it was rainy (but there was sun too and a few rainbows to boot) and it was warm and the snow was pleasantly soft-these high winds and colder temps will make for 'interesting' surfaces until the next snowstorm but all in all the coverage is still quite good for this time of year.   Still, I already miss that great January '09 (let's hope for a dynamite March!).

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Liam, thanks in part to your video, I convinced a couple of friends of mine to check out the B'east today. Unfortunately, I couldn't join them, but I hope they get good conditions for their first trip there.

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Skied the beast today.  Better then I'd thought it would be, expected ice everywhere.  There were some sections with horrible death coookies (part of lower chief in particular) but all in all it was in pretty good shape.  All the glades closed, no bumps to be found, but decent groomed conditions, not great but good.


They did make snow last night. 


Also had a couple of decent lessons.  I do love teaching people to ski I have to say.

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Sunday 2/15 much better conditions then yesterday, very nice soft snow, beautiful weather, just the groomers, but excellent skiing.  Nice to see you for about 20 seconds Liam!

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Liam - Thanks for this post!  After watching the YouTube video I detoured to ski the Beast yesterday with my kids on the way home from a long weekend in VT.  I struck up a conversation with a fellow telemarker at one point wearing a patrol jacket, and it turned out to be your your fellow patroller with the helmet-cam; great guy who showed us a bit and even took us down some closed runs.  Always a thrill even if it's just narsty ice and rock.  Bottom line though, we really enjoyed Berkshire East, definitely my favorite in the Berkshires. 

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