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How good are Older Skis?

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The Head iM 75 was the SKI OF THE YEAR a few years back. I always wanted them but never pulled the trigger. Now they're coming up for sale on the used market. How good are some of the very best of a few years ago compared to what we can buy new today? I know the manufacture res need to change styles, colors and some materials every year to sell new skis but how fast does ski technology really "change everything" and make a four year old model obsolete?

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Whenever I'm near my extended quiver in the spring, I go out and ski on some of my fave skis that I've kept around from the last 15 years or so.


I have an old pair of Kaestle slalom skis that I still adore.  They are so much fun to ski on.  I have no doubt that if they were the only skis I owned, I would still ski quite a bit, and I would still enjoy them quite a bit.


My AT rig is probably 7 seasons old this year.  I might swap it out next year.

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 There are a lot of great skis from the past couple of years that I would be happy to ski on...if I didn't have access to newer stuff. If you wanted that iM75... go for it. 

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Depends on the price.  When I can buy a 2008 Head iM78 for $230-240 on Tramdock, I'd have a hard time going for the older skis.  With the exception of the 2007 iM77 that is -- that is one of the better skis I have owned in recent years.

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Meh.  I have two skis on my mental list at the moment that are >3 years old and that I would pay 300-500 bucks for if I could find a new or lightly used pair.


Good skis=good skis.  Some skis are outdated and mediocre the moment they are released.  Others...aren't.

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I bought a pair of NOS Elan 777s last year after trying to find something new that skied like them.  The first gen 777 came out around the same ear as the first iM75.  It's still a good ski and I now own 2 pairs of them, just because the new model couldn't hold a candle to the old.


As for the iM75, it was a good ski too.  I quite liked the 184 length.  Watch out, the first year or two had bad problems with topsheet chipping/delams.  I sent back an entire skid of iM70s and iM75s dur to this.

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