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Trunk Lid Ski Rack

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A couple weekends ago at Belleyare I found a rack that mounted on the trunk lid in a similar way to this: 


As my friend's fabulous old lemon doesn't have a roof rack, this kind of setup would be ideal. The one we saw was attached with straps, like a lot of bike racks are:


I've been scouring google, but to no avail. Anybody have any info on a ski rack designed like this?

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I own one . These things were made back in the 70's  I think they were made by Berrecrafters Co. or ATT Ski Co. The logo on mine is no longer readable. Haven't seen one for sale in years. Oh, mine isn't for sale. You might get lucky in a thrift store or a ski swap. I don,t know of any present day co. making these, but you might try sports car sights or clubs.

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I used the Barrecrafters trunk rack for years. Back then trunk lids were pretty thick metal and a relatively flat panel. Today's cars have a big bend in the middle with tailights that go up and down, and the trunks are short. The problem with the Barrecrafters was the metal straps and hooks which weren't compatible with modern cars and their differently shaped trunks. Also, even back then I used to scratch up my car roof from the ski tips when I opened the trunk. The roof just evolved as a better more consistent place to put skis, and these trunk racks became extinct since fit was inconsistent with different trunks. The only possible exception is for convertible roadsters, and there are special racks made for them - typically attachments to a base permanent luggage rack.

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Well, many thanks to you guys, you found exactly what I was describing! Too bad the only one on sale on eBay right now only holds two pairs. Other than that the design appeals to me–I don't know why. I'm probably better off getting a newer Barrecrafter that's specifically designed for "rackless" roof-top mounting. Then I won't scratch my friend's ride like you did, Chris! 

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