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While looking for some midfat skis, I had seen the Legend 8000 on Tramdock for a very low price.  I am also buying skis for a few friends, so I thought I would pick up a pair either for them or me.  All of the pictures on the site for the skis showed the 2009 model.  I e-mailed them to verify that it was, indeed, the 2009 model they were selling.  Turns out that what they were ACTUALLY selling was the 2008 model, not what they showed in the pictures.  This is actually the 3rd time in the last 2 years I have had this experience with them.  I can't believe all 3 were mistakes ... do they purposely play the bait-and-switch game on the model years?  I returned the others at their expense in the past, so no big deal ... I just don't like to see people doing business that way.  In the case of the 8000, other than graphics, I don't think the skis are any different ... but I still think the marketing practices are very suspect.  Anybody else have these issues with Tramdock?

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They're a reputable bunch, so I assume it's a tech issue.  You'd think they would have figured it out on the 8Ks by now.... 

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I've actually had 2 instances similar to this with bc.com and tramdock in the last week alone.  I was sent a Giro Fuse that had to have been at least 2 seasons old b/c it didn't even have the micro-adjust dial, and the picture and description said otherwise.  Then I was sent a pair of Hestra gloves that are clearly either defective or an older iteration b/c the design is undoubtedly different than the bc.com pics and description.  They are great about returning and exchanging so I'm not that upset, but this kind of thing I suspect happens quite often with them.  Perhaps they just have so many different products and stock, some up -to-date models, some closeouts from last year, some closeouts from this year.....Now its up to 6 different sites (or more) to sell them, and they can't quite keep everything straight...

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The only thing that has pissed me off recently was that I ordered some bindings, and they came with all the parts loose in the box (so that the screws protruding through the bottoms of the heel and toe pieces scratched the crap out of everything) and it looked like the bindings had been mounted at one point (wear on the screws, etc).  So it must have been a return that got back out the door without being checked or properly re-packed.  I sent them back since I paid for new bindings, not used ones.

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