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Should I buy these Volkl Mantras?

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I'm looking at buying some Volkl Mantra skis with Marker Jester bindings already mounted on them.
The seller says that the brakes are 90 mm and the skis are 96 mm at the waist, and claims that the bindings fit better when stretched like that (an 1/8" on each side). He says the 110 mm brakes protrude too much from the ski.
Should I buy these? Will the stretching damage the brakes/bindings/skis?
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you should be fine.

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I have mantras with jesters and they are great together.

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If they are a good deal you can always swap out the brakes for the wider model. 

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What was the final word on those brakes on the Mantras.  I'm thinking about picking up the same combination of ski/binding and I read some things that the 110mm brakes of the markers on the Mantras tend to be problematic in terms of holding the skis together when you are hiking with the skis on your shoulder.  Not to mention they may protrude out to the side kinda far.  

I'm inclined to try to get the markers with the 90mm brakes but I really want to hear from someone that actually has that mounted, what they had to do and that they are happy with the result.

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You can very easily bend a 90mm brake to fit a 96mm ski.  Much better to have to bend the brake a bit vs. having the 110mm brakes stick out well beyond the ski.

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Agree with Mike C,If the brake sticks out too much then it creates two problems.One, the skis do not snap tight together when carried and will flop around.Two,if the brake is too wide,when the boot is snapped in,it will not fold up and in like it should and will stick out beyond the ski and create further problems.Hope this helps.

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Here's another reason to use the 90mm brakes.  I just demo'd the Mantras today.  They had the 110mm brakes on there.  Had a mishap.  The brake arm that was sticking out snagged on my $500 Mountain Force pants (brand new) and ripped open a hole.  Accckkkk.

Yea, get the 90mm brakes no doubt

i think I decided I don't want the Mantras though.  I'm probably gonna get the Line Prophet 100 instead.  The Mantra was pretty great in a lot of stuff, but I found myself yearning for more flex in the deep stuff.
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