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MA: SL turns

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5'10" 150lbs

volkl P60s (SL version)


I'm totally self taught (can't afford lessons) so as a result some things about my skiing don't look quite right but I'm not really sure what is wrong or how to fix it.


I do struggle with my pole planting and arm/hand position especially on my right hand side. I also can't get the retraction at the end of the turn like I see racers do.


Any help is much appreciated!


(excuse the purple snow)


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Actually, I kind of like the purple snow.  We had some early morning Super G training last week under a cloudless Colorado sky with freshly buffed corduroy...kind of like skiing through a field of crystals at 60 mph...flashbacks from the 60s...


Where was I?  Actually, it's pretty good skiing.  A little windshield wiperish, and yeah, your pole plant could improve, but overall pretty swell.  I fall into the same trap everyone else does in these forums, which is "Really good, but..." and then go on to tell you about all the good stuff you should do to make over your skiing according to me.  So what don't you like about your skiing?  Maybe we can start with that...


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I too would have like the purple snow but the first clip did not show. Anyway, good skiing in the second. For being self taught very good. 


Pole plant

Its not far off. Could be much worse. What you should do is drag your ski poles behind you by holding your arms in a comfortable position out to the side and slightly forward. This way you will learn how to turn without pole plants. When you are comfortable doing this bring them back into your skiing. When you plant your pole do so slightly to the side and downhill. Do not point your pole forwards towards the tip. Point it down the fall line. And you dont need to bring it very far forwards. A small tap to the side is enough.



In modern ski racing retraction turns are common especially in SL. They speed up a transition since your CoM doesent have to be voulted up and then down again. Only your legs move. Like weels on a car. There is annother reason for it being a quick move since it puts you momentarily in the back seat. As you flex your outside leg and retract it to 90deg at the knee you will be in a toilet seat position. If your transition was not very fast you would end up in the back seat so to say. By that I mean that once you come out of your float and pressure is being built up underneath your skis if you are sitting on the toilet seat you will end up on your back. Your recentering move will be extending your new outside ski. At the same time your ski will be pushed back recentering your hips and core. In other words, you need to link turns and work more with your legs.


Putting it all together

Racers also get very high edge angles. If you want to get the same you need to flex the inside leg and angulate a whole lot and ski into counter. So, as you come out of the previous turn flex your outside leg and go through transition with both legs bent and like you were sitting on a chair. Then extend your new outside leg and flex your inside leg even more. Let the pressure build up. Let your skis track wide on the snow to allow for sufficient tipping and high edge angles and strong stance. Angulate. Keep your shoulders levelled. Dont push your outside knee into the turn but do so with your inside knee. Also pull back your inside ski at the same time. Dont aim for any significant pullback just see that your inside ski dont slide too far forwards and that your maintain pressure on it without sacrifying outside ski pressure. This is a balancing thing and you need to use angulation and counter to do so.



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You are finishing your turns with a lot of forward bend at the hips. Set the white balance and you'll fix that and the purple snow.

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Thanks for your responses guys. A lot of info to digest in your post tdk6 - cheers.


The camera was in it's death throes when it shot the purple snow vid I think as it is now totally dead!

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