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One Ski Quiver

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I'm on my third season on my K2 Public Enemy @ 174 and have given them a serious beat down, especially this season.  I really only have enough money to get one all around ski.  I'm 5'9" and about 185 lbs give or take, depending on the quality of the apres ski when it gets dark.  I'd say I'm an advanced to expert skier but ski most of my days in New England (Jay Peak, Stowe, MRG).  I'm in the trees and steeps if there's enough snow to do so and even if there isn't.  I'd say maybe 10% groomers and less if it was possible.  I'm looking at an all-purpose set up and was looking for some suggestions.


I was looking into getting the Volkl Mantra 177 with a pair of Dukes for some Slackcountry.  I usually get a trip out west once a year but just borrow from my buddies quiver or demo. 


Any suggestions?

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K2 Extreme in a 179.  Or 174.

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Its the same ski just with sweet graphics.  I love how my PEs ride but the durability of the topsheets are terrible and I'm looking for something a little wider to float a little better.

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Sure, that's why I suggested it.  Nice skis.


If you really want something with better float, you should make a much bigger change.  Get a Katana (or any of dozens of other options in that range) and get it longer.  10mm and a similar length won't give you a dramatic, satisfying change in float.

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Read my HEAD IM88 review...sounds good for what you are looking for...the current model has metal tips for extra durability

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 You can ask 10..20..100 people on Epic and get 10..20..100 different "perfect" one ski quivers. 

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