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Moonlight/Big Sky March 2009

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I've decided to spend 2 weeks at MB/BS March 7-22. Looked at all the threads and something tells me I won't be disappointed.


Decided to stay at Moonlight, which seems better for my young kids and beginner wife.


Some questions:

I'm planning to stay at the Saddleridge townhomes. Any comments? True ski-in/out? How far to the ski school? Easy to ski to/from BS?


How are the conditions this year?


I found the 5-for-4 deal on the Moonlight webpage. Any other ticket deals for MB or BS? Can the MB pass be upgraded to the Lone Peak Pass?


Are the Headwaters and Lone Peak Challenge offered by MB ski school worth it?



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Someone else will need to comment on the ski in aspect of the townhomes since there are roads and a big parking lot between the runs and the townhomes, but they are definitely situated to make ski-out easy.  From the townhomes you just ski down the hill and catch either the Pony Express or Iron Horse lifts.  You'll need to ride Iron Horse to the top to get to both Big Sky and to Madison Village, where the Moonlight Basin ski school is.


Getting to Big Sky on skis is a long, but easy traverse.  I would guess it takes 10 minutes or so, I've never times it.  Getting back is another easy traverse but its easy to miss the road back to your townhomes if you don't know where it is.  That road will put you just below the townhomes, not too much of a climb.


I haven't skied Moonlight this year.  I hear its doing okay but some people have complained that the traverses to the steep stuff in the Headwaters Bowl have been skied down to rocks.  They could use some more snow.


Big Sky is doing okay.  They could use some more snow but there is plenty of great terrain open where you don't have to worry about hitting anything.  Some of the newer glade runs on Andesite aren't skiable and you can't go anywhere you want off Challenger or the tram, but there still is pleny of terrain open.    Usually, late February and March are the heaviest period for snowfall so things should improve at both resorts before you get here.


Costco has deals on Moonlight tickets; I'll have to check to see what the price is.  Unfortunately, they aren't selling Big Sky tickets this year, only Big Sky frequency cards that get you $20 off each ticket.  They go for around 2 for $150 which makes them worth it if you're skiing there more than 4 days.


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Rio, thanks for the info. One more reason to stop at Costco. I got a very good deal on the townhomes, so I won't complain about a little walking.

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kawo,  see ya there! We're there from the 13th to the 21st. We stayed in Saddleridge last year and it was good.  Depending on where your unit is, there could be a short hike involved.  Beginners might not be able to negotiate the drop directly from the condo elevation but it's close to the lodge so you can just walk up there and ski down to Iron Horse.  The Lodge has ski rentals also, and you may want to check out the Moonlight runs first. They have good tree runs and the person we rented our condo from last year said that he usually just skis at Moonlight.

I think that area is the best family and large group resorts I've been to.  There is such great terrain for every level.

As Rio said, they need  snow, but they tend to get it later, so let's all do a group finger crossing. Our first year there the parking lot had no snow on it when we arrived.  We were kinda in shock. However, it started snowing that night and it snowed everyday for the next two weeks. In fact we had trouble getting out of Bozeman because of the snow. So you never know.

BTW, if you ski over to BSky, you will need a (free) one time pass for Iron Horse each day. They do sell a combined pass now (Lone Peak Pass) for both ski areas.

Lastly, the Timbers Restaurant at the Lodge is one of the best restaurants we have been to.  A must do, at least one evening.


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Hi kawo,  the Saddle Ridge townhouses are great. Moonlight Lodge has great food. The Timbers for dinner is awesome, but the best is the Reuben Sandwich at their deli shop for lunch!  

About conditions in the moment: for beginners we have the better snow conditions in Big Sky. I know that a lot of the lower runs at Moonlight have very limited coverage. In Big Sky we also have the wider runs. But, all that said, your arrival time will be about a month from now. We might have lots of snow at that time. And you and your wife will be fine at Moonlight.


So, play it by ear when you are at the mountain and maybe take at least one day to come over to the "sunny side".

Hope to see you,



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We skied BS  and MB last year in March.  It was awesome.  Lots of snow before and during our stay.  Hope the same happens for you.  BS had hugely discounted lift tickets for US military.  I can't remember if MB did also. Have a great time.

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does the "sunny side" have something like a semi-private guided program? Some of the areas I would like to ski really deserve to be skied with a partner (which I won't have) and a private guide is likely going to exceed my "allowance".

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all over it!

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yes, we do have that. The minimum for a guide will be 3 hours. The problem is that you have to come up with the folks you want to share the time with. Normally the snow sports school will tell you that 3 people is the max. (I won't tell them if you bring a brass band!)

Hope to meet up with you.



PS: Had a Reuben today.


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I have a couple of friends coming to Big Sky in 2 weeks for a conference, and I told them to look you up!



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I'll post on the "get together" forum, maybe I can find people to share a guide for a day or two.

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