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STH 12/14 vs Griffon

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Has anyone tried both the STH 12 or 14 and the Marker Griffon?  I've heard positive comments on both, but I didn't know if anyone could tell a difference skiing, or if it's all personal preference.  Also had a question on the stand height for both - I know the Griffons are listed at 23mm (flat ramp angle) and the Sollys are listed at 17.5mm.  However since the STH is not a flat ramp angle, is that 17.5mm a measurement of the front or back? Or is it an average?  Also I know there's some debate on whether the Griffon/Jester actually has that much of a wider binding interface... how much difference would it be compared to the STH series?  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!


btw the bindings will be going on Prophet 100s, and I'm 5'10" 160 so the 12ish top DIN will be fine

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Why not a Look PX14? ;)  

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Considered Looks, but I think I'd prefer something lighter

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You'll save 1 to 1.5 pounds per pair by going with the Griffon over something like the Rossi Axial2 Jibe or Dynastar PX12 Ti.  That is insignificant considering how much more durable and reliable the Axial2/PX12 bindings are.  The Z12s are another 1/2 pound lighter but considering all the durablity problems I've heard about them I wouldn't even consider buying a pair.

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Yeah I've heard a few negative things about durability on the Z12s, but the STHs seem to have a pretty decent track record so far.  I haven't heard too much on the Griffons yet.  I guess maybe I should think about the Rossi/Look/Dynastar line a bit more, but I like the idea of a wider binding interface as well.  I believe both STH and Griffon have wider interface than the Looks - but correct me if I'm wrong.  I've heard that the drill pattern may be similar, but I think the binding itself may have more surface area in contact with the ski (hopefully translating to better control on a wider ski).

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I read somewhere on TGR that the griffon hole pattern is actually narrower than the STH hole pattern. I'd research it a bit more if you want to buy a binding with a wide interface.


Usually when skis get mounted, they get drilled and tapped. Often that tap results in a very minute gap between the binding's baseplate and the ski... although the binding is mounted tightly. Hole pattern is the only relative thing to think about when considering a wide interface, imo.


Personally, I think you'd notice the flat Delta of the griffon more than anything. That's the main selling point of that binding. Ski switch much? If you're a forward-aggressive skier, go STH. 


(my STH16s are the shiz and I'm very happy.)

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The Seth 16 is a completely different binding than the Seth 12.  The 16 is they original Seth binding.  It is based on the old 916 binding which was a heavy duty binding with the driver toe.  The 12 is based on the Z12 but is suppose to be tougher.  I haven't heard anything about the durability of the 12.

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