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Lindsey Vonn interview on David Letterman HD - October 28, 2013



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Even though it wouldn't prove anything, I'd love to see him get trounced.
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I don't think Federer seriously believes he'd be competitive with Lindsey, but just wait a bit. She has such a crush on him, and he's Tiger's Nike stable mate. I'm sure once he retires from the main pro tour they'll get out on the slopes together.


And yes, he'll get a lesson!  ;-)

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I'd heard she'd adopted a dog with a bad knee and just assumed it was Tiger.  This clears it up for me, thanks.

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That's so effin' sweet. Nothing like a brindle boxer to brighten your day. biggrin.gif And just think, they can recuperate together!
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We'd call that a Pittie at my shelter, and this warms my heart. An injured Pit Bull type dog is a hard sell in a shelter. Good job Lindsay.


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Pitties by nature are very sweet dogs.  Sadly it is the f%$ked up human that makes them aggressive.  That is a great looking pup.  I hope they come to love each other.

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Lindsey Vonn: Alpine events will be ‘hard to watch’


Three weeks ago, Vonn announced she wouldn’t be going to Russia to compete in the Winter Games because of a serious knee injury. She told Matt Lauer it will be tough to watch from abroad, but said she plans on competing in the next Winter Games. She’ll join TODAY and NBC Sports as an Olympic correspondent.




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Since this is the Lindsey paparazzi thread.

White House Correspondents Dinner:


Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP


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So she's finally back on skis... Looks like there's quite some work to be done before the WC...

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Don't think this has been posted before...



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Looking good on and off the slopes!    ;)




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She's posted a recent training vid on her Facebook page...




Some pretty good pix up there as well...



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Lindsey Vonn talks Lake Louise – Vail Daily On the Hill 12.7.14


Vail Daily reporter John LaConte rides Beaver Creek during the Birds of Prey World Cup and shows viewers a snippet from an interview with Lindsey Vonn from a few weeks ago, where the ski superstar talks about how she was feeling heading into her winning performance Saturday.




There are two videos with Lindsey after the Lake Louise races on this page here...



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sick picture

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Here's another...



So f'n awesome!  ;-)

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I love how 7th place was a "dismal" finish.

She rocked that one.

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We just finished watching Fargo (the tv series) on DVD - can't get enough of that Minnesota accent!   ;-)


On another front, after watching that vid of Lindsey linked above it occurred to me that there should be a special edition of The Amazing Race with celebrity athlete power couples. Three that come to mind immediately are Lindsey and Tiger, Gabby and Laird, and Morgan and Bode. Any others?

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Ms. Vonn the ultimate female hell-on-skis opines on Tiger Woods' vocation GOLF:
Pretty logical and grin-worthy

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^^^^^^Damn, that girl is funny and sooooooooooo smokin hot.:drool

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