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Keeping Upper Body "Quiet"

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Any good drills which would help me "quiet" my upper body? Much appreciated.
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shut up and ski! Just kidding.

Try dragging both poles in the snow. The pole tips should be in the snow, out to the side of the front of your boots, maybe a foot or so to the outside. Make sure they both stay in contact with the snow all the time. This will keep you from trying to use too much body english.
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You didn't mention where you are skiing when you are trying to keep your upper body quiet.

I second this exercise for groomed runs (great practice at high speeds too) and use it a lot just for warm ups as practice.

Splace, If you are trying to keep the upper body quiet in bumps however, try traversing across the hill(watch for traffic) and work on keeping your skis in contact with the snow at all times but keeping your head/shoulders at the same height all they time. When you approach a bump you have to "Suck your knees up" under yourself and the tips of the skis pass over the bump, gently press your tips into the valley between the bumps and extend your legs to "fill the hole"

For more on bump skiing,
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Sit ups
Back ups
sit ups
back ups.......

A good strong torso keeps you quiet.
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I've been working on what you are talking about (leg/foot) this season. It just seems harder to do in cut-up snow. You da man Bob!
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hmm...tough to think of anything Bob hasn't
hit on..that I know of..
Relaxation(Breathing!)...avoiding that deadly *in between* stance which promotes tension in the ankles/knees/hips...by really accentuat-
ing any/all extension-compression movement.
The "ski TALL" mental_thing is a biggy for me... Just picture an infant learning to walk...stiff...feet-to-head....while we separate upper body from lower better than we realize.
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Splace- The ability to turn the femurs in the hip socket is critical to expert skiing and allows for freedom of the upperbody. A couple activities to try.

1. Ski some short raduis turns with your arms over your head and the inside of your elbows up against your ears. Don't let them come down (you will want to!) This locks out the upperbody and allows the lower body to take most of the work. (it is hard to rotate from anywhere but the legs doing this)

2. Pivot slips. From a side slip open your downhill thigh in the direction your going and turn both legs until you sideslip the other direction. Try to keep the seem of your pants up the hill. (this is feedback on if your turning your legs or your hips. TURN THE LEGS)

3. Pick out a line in the snow (snowmobile track works good or have someone draw one) From a small wedge put the line in the middle of your wedge. Now in a straight gliding wedge point the ski tips from one side of the line to the other and keep the seem of your pants on the line. (turn the legs)

4. THis you can do at home in barefeet! Stand in front of a mirror (smile) put 2 pieces of paper down on the ground and stand on them. Now turn your toes to the left and right watch that your hips stay straight and your legs turn in that hip socket.

Good Luck! TodO
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Bob- over 2 feet in the last week! Best skiing we have had in the East in at least the last 10 years. Glad to hear Summit County is getting some snow I need to make it out that way again sometime. Great forum I am learning alot, Thanks, TODO
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