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Ann and I went out to visit our daughter and do some skiing.  For the first time in several years, it did not snow constantly while we were there.  We had 5 1/2 bluebird days, starting of on the cool side and warming up through Thursday, which got cloudy and windy.  There was always soft snow to be found, although west-facing pitches did get "firm".  Mineral Basin at Snowbird (south-facing) was positively coral-like on Thursday, but we went anyhow, since I had never been there.  As the week progressed, the best skiing was to be had on NE facing slopes, where wind transport brought in a layer of snow to fill in the rough patches and created a chalky but fun surface. At Alta, Devils' Castle, particularly near the "wall", remmined soft and fun.


I didn't take a lot of pictures...we were skiing and not on a photo-shoot, but I got a few shots:


Me :


Me in front of Devil's Castle


Two off duty Alta patrollers (my daughter on teles, and a friend) having fun on Snowbird's Lone pine.  It was a bit crunchy, but you wouldn't know it by this:Helen and T on Lone Pine- snowbird


Four ski-BASE-jumpers perparing to launch off the rock wall of Devil's Castle:Base jumpers on Devil's Castle, Alta


One of the BASE-jumpers just opening his chute:BASE Jumper opening his chute


The face they jumped from is the patch of snow about half-way down the cliff. They are in this picture, but barely visible as specksDevil's Castle face


Back to more conventional images, Ann skiing on Devil's Castle: Ann on Devil's Castle


On Friday it was supposed to snow 2-4" and instead we got 11", with 3" more by saturday afternoon.  No time to take pictures... just skied until our legs gave out.  Gunsight, upper Greeley Bowl and the North Rustler chutes were all glorious, as was Catherines, where we got first tracks on Friday...and paid for it by breaking the trail out; well worth it.