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Dynafit FT Carbon 10 ski length

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I want to get Dynafit FT Carbon 10 skis for my AT setup (w/Dynafit Comforts) but am unsure about the ski length. I am 5' 7, 140 lb, expert skier. Trying to decide between 169cm (116/86/109) and 178cm (118/88/110). My leaning is towards 169 but I wonder if this lenghth may be too short for me, especially when I am on multi-day hut-to-hut tour with a heavier backpack? Also, If you have any comments on these skis - I'd appreciate your sharing them. Thanks.



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Hmmm, based purely upon your size I'd go shorter, but with a heavier pack the extra length would be good.  A couple of questions...how technical are your routes?  Steep and tight or more wide open skiing?  Snow conditions (in general)?


I tend to go longer but for my mountaineering setup (tight, technical terrain) I use a shorter setup.  Longer tours I want a bit more float.


I've only been on those skis one time.  Personally, I don't prefer carbon skis based on their general ride.  Now, that's purely opinion, I know a lot of people who really like the feel and weight of the carbon skis.  It was a nice ski but I have a bit of a thing for a more lively ski

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Have you tried the DPS  carbon skis?  I skied with Peter Turner, head designer for DPS, Sunday.  He designed for Volant, the original Chubb and a bunch of other ski products. Really interesting guy. 

They are making some really nice skis!


  The DPS 120 is very, very light and a very nice powder ski!  The Wailer might be a better touring ski, but I didn't try them out.


If you order online, Peter's  REP code#1212, will get you some type of discount. 






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Hi Vit -


I was shopping for bindings and ran across your post.  I own  the Carbon's and can tell you that they are super light without being flimsy.  I'm reluctant to say what length would be best for you, but would recommend you consider with any ski selection how much you think you bend a ski based on both your weight and aggressivness.  If you are a hard charger, go longer, but if you are a finesse skier, go shorter.  One other consideration is you get more float with more surface area, but the difference between the two lengths is nominal in this regard.


I just purchased a new backcountry outfit so will be selling my skis (178's), bindings (Comforts with brakes) and skins (BD).  If you are interested please email me direct at greg@sharpstuff.org.


Regardless, good luck and be safe!

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Definitely the 169cm -- I'm 5'8" 145lb and used the 169cm FT 10.0 last year, and it was more than enough ski.  (BTW, the 169cm Manaslu is definitely turnier than the 169cm FT 10.0)

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