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Lil Ripper...

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Just a short vid of my 3 yo ripping it up.  'Bout gave Mom a heart attack!


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Noice.....I love little Rippers

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If you lived in Colorado I'd be recruiting that guy for my team!  He is definitely a ripper! 

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Nice!  How did you jump past the pizza / french fries phase? 

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Love the start of the race it's like the American Graffiti drag races.

He definitely outskied the cameraman!

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He has absurd edge-control. 


Love the over-sized gloves, btw. 



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I wish that I could have skiied that well when I was that age, actually I don't even think I could ski at 3 yrs old..

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That got my day started of my day with a smile. Don't think I could even drool as well as your kids ski at that age.

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Somebody hurry up and sponsor this kid!!!

Great fun to watch, and he does kick butt.

Seemed like he was very good about not getting too close to other skiers, too.

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Wow, that little guy can ski.  RR tracks and he is using his edges and great confidence too.


At 2:00 he pulls up to another little guy and has an exchange.


Also, the slope is ideal for a little ripper.  Where is that?


He'll get a kick out of seeing that when he's older.  Nice job!

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Love the vid. Little man is definently rippin it. Teaching my 5 year old this year. He not quite as confident as yours but can ski easy blues without fear. Next year I do believe i will start my youngest who is 2 now after watching your rippers. Thanks

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 I'd like to see him and Lil Miss O in a grudge match!


Thanks for sharing.......that is the stuff that fun is made of!

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Thanks for the kind words gang!


Couple notes...


Had to replace The Who "My Generation" with Mozart because UMG fells that I am exploiting the art of the Who.


The "Oversized Gloves"  are a little big but he balls up his little hands inside them so they look like monkey arms!


Skipping Pizza/FF ...  Hmmm I put him on a leash and put stickers of Yoda and Rex (a clone) on his ski tips.  We learned to "step on the bug" and then I would steer him chanting..."Yoda yoda yoda yoda.... Reeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" to let him know what ski to pressure.


The boy in the red coat is big brother.  He is 5. 


That is a nice beginner trail.  Indian Summer at Wach Mt.





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Not working?

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Had to replace The Who "My Generation" with Mozart because UMG fells that I am exploiting the art of the Who.





I thought the Mozart selection was perfect.  After all, he was 6 when he went pro.

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Great skiing, horrible music, think Top Gun theme and Tom Cruises  "I feel the need for speed"

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Originally Posted by Snowbowler View Post

horrible music


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Originally Posted by Snowbowler View Post

Great skiing, horrible music, think Top Gun theme and Tom Cruises  "I feel the need for speed"

Mozart, horrible  What is this world coming to.


I loved the little ripper and LOVED the Mozart.

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Mozart works just great!  Boy, does this take me back.  Hard to believe that it's been almost 20 years since I was doing the same thing with Tag Jr.  Enjoy these times, Racer, they go by so quickly!  If your Lil Ripper is like mine, you will have to move him over to the blues and blacks just to slow him down a bit!  Tag Jr's attitude was always "Turn? Why? It just slows me down!"


Thanks for the fun vid!

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I like the 'hands in the air' thing as big brother pasted him.


Good stuff.



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Going through my 17th consectutive season as a race parent with my two {19 and 22}, that video brought a huge smile to my face. Boy, do my wife and I miss those days! Enjoy every minute of them, and keep taking pics and the video's. And I agree, he's a natural!!  We have friends {he's a USST coach, she's a former coach, too} and their little guys were taught right from the start without a wedge. When our son was his age, his skis were K2 "Mickey's". One had a Mickey Mouse graphic, and the other had a Donald Duck. Same drill...."push on Mickey, now push on Donald."  Guess it worked. We went through the wedge phase pretty quickly with him and with our daughter a few years later. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

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That's Great!  Congratulations!  I started my son when he was 22 months. He just turned three so this is his second full winter.  He totally skipped the wedge because when younger than three they don't have the muscles to do it.  Just like your son mine just carves around people and he really doesn't see the need to slow down until he reaches the bottom of the hill.  That's a great run that you have him on.


PS I'll be waiting to see the 4 year old in the moguls video next year!  Keep up the good work.

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Yoda and Rex.  Love it!  Wish I would have heard that before sticking my 4 year old in lessons this year.  We were on the leash last year and he was flying straight down the hill, turning a little when he needed to.  The sticker idea is a great one.  Now they've taught him the wedge.  I'll need to break that habit ASAP!

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In a few years, that kid may be giving Bob Peters a run for his money.  

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Lol.  Yeah he is a gamer.  Hitting the slopes again tomorrow am.  Should be good!


Back on the leash more though I think.  Mom is still a little nervous.  :)

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