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Unable to post using IE6

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Getting errors in IE6 and windows 2000 advanced server.


When I first connect to www.epicski.com I get this series of errors.


The first 5 are just to get to display the forum.


The last one is when I click to try to create a new thread or reply to a thread.



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Thanks, this gives us a starting point for tracking down these errors.


At this point, to the best of our knowledge, these errors only affect IE6 SP1 and earlier on Windows 2000.  We haven't had any reports of similar issues on IE6 SP2/3 on Windows XP or newer.

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and IE6 SP1 is the latest version for win2k.


Except for security fixes no more enhancements have been made.


I generally run FF on these machines but was trying to troubleshoot that blank formatting problem with my laptop and att wireless problem.



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Ted acquired a windows 2000 environment to test in, and spent some time on this this morning.  Turns out there's a bug in IE6 SP1 that can cause it to fail to parse large javascript files.


We split the problematic file in two as a workaround, and everything seems to work fine.  That fix will be made available in the next release.

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I wonder if that's what's causing the strange symptom on my Laptop when I'm using my Wireless via ATT.


I tried it at home and it did the same thing but I still have not found a great place to test the cellular connection. My home is horribly slow on the "3G" cellular.


I'll have to try it when I'm downtown or out and about.



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Well, just to resurrect this old thread, it looks like a lot of major sites on the internet (youtube, facebook, digg, etc) are finally starting to put up notices to users running IE6 that they will soon be phasing out support for IE6, and prompting their users to upgrade their browser.  I know a lot of people who access epicski at work might not have the option of upgrading to IE8 (I'm in that boat), but I am able to use firefox instead, which I do.  Anyone who is still using IE6 and doesn't have a good reason why they can't upgrade to a newer browser should probably look into it now.
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