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canting question

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Recently had some boot work done...cuff alignment, plate added to left boot due to LLD, new footbeds. BIG improvement!  Only (slight) problem now is that when transitioning from a left turn to a right turn, I almost have to lift the inside (right) ski to keep the tail from catching.  Fitter suggested experimenting with 3 strips of duct tape on outside edge of heel on right boot (I live far away and won't be able to return for follow up for awhile). Does this sound like the right Idea? Is it only just on the heel? Any other suggestions I could try until I can get back there?


Thank You so much



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Post of video of you skiing.  That's the only way to even attempt to answer your question.

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From your description it seems more likely that you are "overedged" on your left ski. If that is the case it would cause you to move your center of mass to the left or toward the outside of the turn to lessen the "overedged" condition on the left ski. If the center of mass is moving toward the outside of the arc it makes it difficult to move the right knee to the right, which is what it would have to do, in order to keep the ski flat as to not catch the tail or have to lift it to keep it from catching. I would think that 3 or 4 pieces of tape on the outside of the left ski binding both heel and toe would immediately solve the problem, if that is the case. I look forward to hearing the results please let us know if that works or not.
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Hi RayCantu


Thanks for the tip. I just got it today and will try it this weekend. Will let you know the result.



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Sounds like there could be and/or a fore/aft alignment issue?


Video would help!

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I have been wondering if you have experimented with the possible solution to the alignment issues you asked about? If so what did you find out? 
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Hi Raycantu


Sorry about the delayed response...have been out of town (skiing and otherwise) and just got to my computer today. Yes, it worked! I have to admit I had my doubts (adding tape to the left boot to correct a problem with the right), but it did the trick. You guys know your stuff. Now, I have to try and get to a fit expert and get the boot permanently modified. I used 4 strips of tape by the way.


Thanks again!



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