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Park City, or other options near an airport...

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We're looking to do something on the cheap, for a long weekend (Friday-Tuesday, probably) this Spring. The deal is that my parents have a time share exchange they have to use by August, and they gave it to me and my girlfriend for christmas. So, I was looking through the exchange web site and there are some pretty decent looking places in Park City - there's a slopeside Marriott we can get, and it's only going to cost us about $125 for the week. I'll take it.


I've never skied out west, my girlfriend has been (downhill) skiing twice. She's going to be going several more times this winter here on the east coast and taking lessons, but we're hoping that when we get out there she can hold her own. she should be at that point by then in terms of her abilities.


My questions are:


1) How much longer does the season reliably go out there? If we book something for April, are we unlikely to actually get any decent skiing in?


2) is Park City going to be too much of a zoo? I chose it because it's close to the airport and after a 5 hour flight plus 2-3 hours in airports, I don't want to have to drive very far.


3) Is there an alternative we should be considering? we're not limited to the SLC area. A quick look at available locations in the Rockies from the exchange web site gives me choices in the following:


Colorado, Aspen
Colorado, Breckenridge
Colorado, Estes Park
Colorado, Pagosa Springs
Colorado, Steamboat Springs
Colorado, Telluride
Colorado, Vail, Avon & Beaver Creek
Colorado, Winter Park & Silver Creek
Montana, Big Sky
Montana, Fairmont
Montana, Lakeside
Utah, Northern
Utah, Park City and Snowbird
Utah, Salt Lake City
Utah, Southern



So the key for us is - cheap flights from Boston, "reasonable" 3-day passes, not too far from an airport, and we're not looking for the steepest and most difficult terrain (not yet at least).


any suggestions?


(We're also considering Snowbird/Alta, since there's a place we can get there and it seems like we might have a better shot at decent snow later in the Spring).


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I should also point out that Tahoe is an option - both NV and CA. it appears there are several possibilities for exchanges there...

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Just got back from Utah and loved it.  They should still have plenty of snow in April.  Park City resorts will have more groomers and easier trails for the GF, but the Cottonwood Canyon resorts like Snowbird are fantastic and will have more snow than the Park City resorts.  There is still plenty of stuff for the GF to ski also as Snowbird is a huge place.


We also spent a day at Snowbasin and it's a great place as well, but no slopeside lodging there at all.

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thanks. In looking through the options last night, I found that there's a place at Snowbird we can get. I'm sort of leaning in that direction now since we'll have 3 ski days and can take advantage of both Snowbird and Alta from one place without having to drive anywhere.


How late in the season could we reasonably get away with? there are more lodging options in late April an May, but I'm assuming that's for a reason... Right now we're looking at April 18th for arrival.

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Originally Posted by friolator View PostRight now we're looking at April 18th for arrival.


I would not go to Tahoe.  A lot of the resorts are closed by that time, regardless of snow coverage.  If you are earning turns, Tahoe is still possible but Utah will be better odds for better skiing compared to Tahoe.

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Alta is scheduled to close on April 19th but they often extend it.  Most other resorts in the state will likely close before that (or at about the same time).  Snowbird will almost certainly be open that week since they will usually keep limited skiing going into late May or June.  Snowbird is really the only relatively safe choic in Utah at that late date.

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