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Volkl Vertigo Motions or Vertigo G3's with piston Bindings

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Looking for some new Skis.... and have limited it to three choices Vlokl vertigo Motions, Vertigo G'3 w/ pistons, or Atomic R 11.20? Comments/opinions?

Which Ski system would be better?

The Volkl Vertigo Motions, or the Vertigo G3's with Piston bindings?

I know that the skis are the same but is the motion system better than the Piston system?

The other possibility would be the Atomic R11.20 w/ atomic bindings.

I have done some research and these would be my three choices, so please comment on these choices.
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I demoed VM's and decided to buy but my shop only had G3's so they made their own VM's from the G3's and an atomic c412. The result was a little stiffer but I think superior to the VM. Chatter was way down and the varizone is fun to play with. I think tyrolia also has a binding that is similiar.
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I like the G3. Mounted with 1300 Piston. Not sure what effect the Motion has on performance, perhaps it defuses the ski a hair.
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Well, the Motion is more complient in soft stuff and bumpy things but the G3 setup gives back the Volkl hardpack performance. With a more traditional binding you get the full-on Volkl ice hog (which I can't really take all day long).
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There is a good article on www.skiersjournal.com. about Motion vs. "regular" bindings. Look for Ron Shepard byline.
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I have not skied the Vertigo Motion. I do have the G3 with the Marker 8.1 Logic SC binding that I took off my G31's. I find the G3 as good as the G31 with the added benefit of being more forgiving in the bumps. My G31's were 178cm my G3's are 177cm. I ski 60 plus days a season, 45 days allready. My son has R11's in 170cm, I have not skied them in the bumps but they rip on the groomed. He has spent the last 6 seasons in Okemo's race program, so he skis well (really well). He has taken them in the bumps and has on real problem with them.

I also have Atomic 10EX's with there binding. I really like the ability to change the position of the binding, the R11's have Atomics R412 binding.
I have a friend who is on the G3 with Atomics binding and she is happy with that set up. She is a instructor going for her PSIA level II.

On powder days I ski my 10EX with the binding moved back, this causes the tip to float, I can stand in my normal stance (staying forward) and still have good float in the powder.

It is hard to go wrong with any one of these three skis you have chosen. I think the R11's may have more versitility, unless you put the Atomic binding on the G3.

Last season the on hill rumors were, that the hot set up was the G3 with the piston binding.
Choices, choices, choices...
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Last season I demo'd both the G3 w/ Marker Piston, and the Vertigo Motion w/ Marker Piston.

The primary difference is that the Motion:

feels softer longitudinally,

perceptibly flexes underfoot,

makes the roundest turns I've ever felt or made on a Mid-Fat,

still powers through crud like the G3, but

somehow doesn't have the same GS-Racer feel that the G3 has. It feels slightly un-Volkl, if you get my drift.

They're both great combos, neither is "better," they just feel different and perform slightly differently.

skier info: 5'10", 160 lbs, Level 7-8, been skiing for many years
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Last year I demoed the 184 G3 with demo bindings and the 180 and 190 R11.20. I thought the 180 R11.20 was a great ski - good feel, scaled down gs race with lots of carving versitility, and good in variable snow, smooth and stable. I don't like the G3, thought it got kicked around too much and had a poor feel.

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I don't know nothing about nothing!

The 2003 G3's I just got to replace my 2002 G3's, that I got to replace my G31's, all ski very nice, indeed!

Good edge for eastern "packed powder".
Fun in the trees! Bumps just fine!

190# 6 ft tall, ski a 184
Wish it were a bit stiffer, just a bit

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