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snow shoes

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< Not sure if this is were to post this thread>  I would like to know if any bears in breck or frisco area know were i could rent snow shoes for a day or week. If so is there any trails or loops to hike in the area. I am not sure whats up by the dam as far as hiking goes . 

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Most any of the ski rental places will have a few pair of snowshoes hanging around to rent.


Good trails:

Boreas pass road in Breck. Very level, easy.

10 mile creek trail (end of Frisco main street, TH off the hwy) steeper in spots.

McColough Gulch, Blue River. Easy hike. TH off HWY 9


Don't really need snowshoes right now...most trails are pretty well packed down.


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Bondo , thank you for the help i will check them out . Thanks 

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