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Head SuperShape Speed vs. Fischer Progressor 9+

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Looking for comments/feedback from expert level skiers who have skied both the Head SuperShape Speed and Fischer Progressor 9+ skis.


I demoed the Fischer's this past weekend and absolutely loved them. The only fault i found with them was that they didn't like quick short radius turns at slow to moderate speeds.

I've also read many great reviews of the SS Speed but they're not available for demo/rental here in Vancouver/Whistler so I have no way of judging for myself.


I have a funny suspicion these skis are similar in characteristic and how they perform, but would appreciate a first hand opinion from someone who has experience with them.


Thank you



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I owned last years Progressor which is the same as this years Progressor 9. I also own or have owned every Supershape Speed made since it was the XRC. I much prefer the Speeds to the Progressor in most every way. The new wider and more shapely 2009 Speed is a closer comparison to the Progressor 9 than previous year models, in 177cm they're 117-69-101 with a 15.7m radius. In my opinion the Head is smoother, more stable and provides better grip. I much prefer the Fischer Worldcup RC to the Progressor but would take the Head over either of those. I'm selling a like new pair of 09 Supershapes only because I bought a pair of the Head Worldcup iSpeeds, if your interested or have any questions send me a PM. I would be glad to help!

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Just advanced, not expert, rec race on a the first graphic version of the SS ISpeed, the 1200 SW, and I've skied the RX9, which I suspect is a lot like a slightly more forgiving version of the Progessor 9. So use several grains of salt here. But I agree with Buckwild. My 1200's are heavy steering, not especially forgiving, want front end pressure, and absolutely love speed. Grip is just a notch below a real racing ski, and the whole rig is smooth, damp, and quite manageable on any hard surface I've found as long as you pay attention. The 9's I tried were also barn burners, also smooth and grippy, but lighter, lot more snow feedback, and with that front end nervousness in rough rutted hardpack that I associate with Fischers. So in better hands, they might have been just as confidence inspiring at real speed, but I never found out. I've heard great things about the Progressors, so perhaps the 9+ is a whole different beast.  

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If you have a BSL of 303 (or close) promise not to sue me and promise to jump any rocks/ gravel on the piste you can try mine. 


PM me if you are interested.



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I am a lightweight, and found the SS Speed to be stiff and pretty much dead for me.  Great ski for bigger guys. I can get some energy out of the Progressor, it is more lively and snappy, and a much better ski for a 155lbs skier like myself.  I have never gotten along with the SS Speed, all the way back when they were iXRC 1100 SW's until now: just too stiff, no energy, felt exacltly like my old iGS RD from head, which was pretty much a carbon copy, same feel.


I would say Progressor is better for me, no question. The only other ones that come close are the Dynastar 4x4 and Nordica Mach 3 Power, from what I have skied, and would probably take the Progressor in 175 or the 4x4 in 172, depending on what I preferred.  I also like the Elan GSX Waveflex in 176, but that is more of a race carver.  

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I was at Gunstock last weekend (i know, i know....) and they had both the P9+ and the SS Speed available to demo.  Tried both and found the Fischers (164cm) to be a LOT of fun, the ease with which they varied turn shape and edge angle was amazing.  The double sidecut seemed gimmicky until i tried it, just just apply more edge angle and the turn radius closes like a slammed door.  Almost felt like cheating.  They were fine for me in terms of stability/stiffness (5'11, 160) at higher speeds; certainly much better than the nomad HN i own.  If you were REALLY bombing i guess they could get a little dodgy. 


The supershape speeds were markedly heavier and less snappy but the edge hold was great and they sliced through worsening afternoon conditions with ease.  You did have to be more on your game with these but I was still impressed with the overall and feel and they did seem to have no limit in terms of speed (aptly named!)  For comparison they were not nearly as unwieldy as the Elan 82Xti I demo'd the week prior. 


Overall i would buy the progressor 9s because it was just SOO much fun and while i like to go fast the Head's were a bit "racier" than i prefer.  the p9+ were $777 at the hill and there are some 164s on ebay for 645+shipping, if only i didnt have to make rent this month!

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Thanks for all the great feedback.  

Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to try out the Speeds this weekend.  

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